Utilities or ESCOs can access to an overview of all the customers and facilities from where they can interact to identify those with the greatest potential for energy savings and offer personalized messages.

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Complete analysis of the energy consumption to improve the satisfaction of the final client, we reduce its cost and time up to 80%, improving the depth of the analysis x2.

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Energy Efficiency Measures and renewable generation alternatives to improve customer satisfaction, generate new sources of revenue and reduce the cost of service with the customer.

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Our custom web interfaces for mobile devices allow you to obtain instant information in a simple way.

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Energy Sequence in numbers: More than 20 utilities in Europe and America


We analyze data in seconds to deliver actionable measures.


Saved to our customers in the last year.


Tailored to our customers including Distributed Generation, Storage, Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management.


That make it possible to accelerate the climate transition with real actions.

Solar Calculator for Agents

More than 100+ energy savings recommendations proved by experts
that are customized for your facilities

Reduction of energy demand

We characterize the energy demand through simplified energy models to optimize consumption.

Improvement of the performance in the facilities

The operational optimization can reach up to 50% of the total savings potential, we offer you the tool to maximize those savings.

Optimization of energy contracts

We offer you the option of improving the purchase of energy, with up-to-date market information, as well as verifying your invoices and historical consumption.

Renewable Energies complete analysis

We offer an analysis of the photovoltaic generation potential of your portfolio, profitability analysis and monitoring of it.

Adjustments of consumption habits and activity schedules

We analyze the start, off, stand-by, peaks and base consumption, and propose measures of very low cost or 0 cost.

Sustainable infrastructure engineering

We offer a catalog of more than 100 measures that, depending on your sector, consumption, location and facilities, will offer alternatives to be more competitive and to be sustainable.

Energy Sequence for FINAL CUSTOMERS

If you represent a Utility

We have more than 10+ automatized services
that will differentiate you in the energy sector

EnergySequence for Utilities

Other functionalities of the platform

Energy Data Analysis

  • Load Base Line Analysis.
  • Consumption Profile Analysis.
  • Seasonal Periodicity Analysis.
  • Energy Consumption Cycle Analysis.
  • Energy Desaggregation consumption.


  • External Data Sources Integration.

Energy Services Management

  • Energy Bills Elaboration.
  • Customers Portfolio Management.
  • Installations Portfolio Management.
  • External Data Sources Integration.
  • Customer Segmentation.
  • ISO 50.001 Implementation.

Real-time monitoring

  • Access to monitoring via mobile applications.
  • Automated alerts.
  • Analysis of anomalies in consumption.
  • Energy monitoring.

Automatic and customized reports

  • Simulated Invoices Report.
  • 360 Management Report.
  • Potential PV Self-consumption Report.

Automated Alerts

  • Detection of Anomalies.
  • Reactive Energy Consumption.
  • Renewal of the Energy Contract.
  • Etc.