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Process Management

Productivity solutions for the automation of processes in the energy market

Bettergy combines a consulting team with expert knowledge in the energy market and energy efficiency, with a software team that provides a platform to support the digitization of processes, as well as the most advanced technological capabilities to convert data into tangible energy savings.

  • Monitoring of energy consumption data from the integration of public and private data sources, as well as direct remote metering of meters.

  • Regulatory support. Solutions adapted to energy regulations.

  • Integration with third party applications. We offer integrated solutions with the main corporate ERP and CRM solutions in the market.

  • Data processing.
    • We create data-driven services on demand.
    • Off the shelf data solutions. Automation of energy efficiency recommendations for a portfolio of consumers: individual and collective photovoltaic self-consumption, power adjustment, reactive energy compensation, comparative energy offers, etc.

  • Digitalization of photovoltaic self-consumption processes.
    • Offering of self-consumption installations.
    • Commercial follow-up of customer management.
    • Monitoring of distributed generation plants.

  • Invoicing control and follow-up. Support to contract management processes, invoices and their incidences.

  • ISO 50001. Digital support to the processes of monitoring objectives and indicators, and updating of documentation.

  • Reporting and creation of data analytics.

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