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Better energy management, better customer engagement, more energy efficiency. Energy Sequence is the intelligence Platform for Commercial Buildings.

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Energy Sequence

Energy Savings in buildings is the next great opportunity. Buildings spend billions on energy and are central to EU energy efficiency policy. The process to reduce energy consumption is expensive, time-consuming, and unscalable. It is time to change from a manual approach to an automated process.


VATIA is developing EnergySequence , an intelligence energy efficiency software platform to rapidly assess thousands of buildings and evaluate Energy Conservation Measures, faster, more comprehensively, more consistently, and low cost.


As an Energy Service Consultancy company, we have the Know-How, and methodology to conduct building energy audits, at the same time we have a large experience deploying energy monitoring solutions.
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Our customers are demanding from us to bring technology and energy services together to further automate energy efficiency assessments. The solution devised has a very clear competitive focus: providing energy consumption insight for a building portfolio at a fraction of the time and cost.

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